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The psyche is a myth. 

Actions and reactions are chemical, not psychological. According to author Eddie Rafii, depression, anxiety, mania—and other so-called mental disorders—are the result of chemical imbalance. So what does that say about human nature?

Behaviology, a revolutionary new branch of science analyzing human behavior, postulates that wants and desires (joy) inspire you to move; suffering (fear) keeps you immobile or vice versa. Your motions are based on the tipping of the balance between enjoyment and suffering. Rafii lays out seven facts about human motion: 

We always want to be comfortable (balanced).
We move only when we lose our balance.
Loss of balance leads to motivation.
Every motion is associated with suffering and joy.
More suffering leads to more joy.
The outcome of want and fear determines motion.
Personality, physicality, and mental and environmental conditions determine desires and fears, and we move based on the sum of the outcomes of those desires and fears.

Assuming these seven facts, the conclusions are simple: 
We do not perform motions based on the freedom of choice, the outcomes of our wants, and fears determines our motions.
Happiness as a feeling of continuous joy, doesn’t exist. It’s rather a temporary joy followed by suffering. 

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