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     We Do Not Move Unless We Are Bothered
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Latest in psychology  ​
Behavior Analysis is the result of recent discoveries in psychology. Eddie Rafii’s experiments examining human behaviors lead us to this fact: WE DO NOT MOVE UNLESS WE ARE BOTHERED. These experiments have opened a new window into the world of psychology and revealed that we are driven only by the outcomes of our wants and fears.
  There is constant evaluation of joy and suffering in our minds and we perform motions where there is more enjoyment and less suffering. Consequently, the outcomes of our wants and fears determine our motions. 
Every human acts and reacts precisely per his or her specification affected by environmental conditions. The specification and the property (DNA) of each person are a combination of the three following groups of characteristics:
1- The degree of each personality characteristic
2- The degree of each physical characteristic
3- The degree of each mental condition

  Latest in psychology argues that emotions such as love, anger, hate, envy, joy, and sadness are feelings. These feelings mirror certain chemical transactions in our bodies and brains. Consumption of alcoholic beverages makes us feel happy or sad due to chemical transactions in our bodies. Using drugs or smoking marijuana changes our mood by creating certain chemicals in our brains. Listening to poetry or music generates specific chemicals in our brains that result in specific emotional reactions. Depression, anxiety, and manic behavior could become our norm through the consumption of certain chemical formulas… 

  Our emotional and physical behaviors are only the results of chemical transactions. Further research on psychology proves that every single human motion is based on only seven facts. 

Rafii's 7 Facts:
Fact 1 - We always want to be comfortable. 
Fact 2 - We make motions only when we lose our comfort (balance). 
Fact 3 - A loss of balance always generates a want in us.
Fact 4 - There is always suffering and joy associated with every motion.
Fact 5 - The more we suffer, the more we enjoy.
Fact 6 - The result of our wants and fears determines our motion.
Fact 7- The degree of our personality and physical characteristics, as well as mental and environmental conditions, determines the level of our wants and fears; we perform motions according to the outcomes of our wants' and fears' sum.

  These new discoveries in psychology have directed conventional psychology to a new way of analyzing human behavior. Read more